The house

The stately house and the old 16th-century oil press that has now been restored, plus the beautiful garden and other rooms for family and business use, cover more than 1,400 square metres.

A large, rounded arch opens to the stone-clad entrance, a material highly typical of the houses in the Serra de Tramuntana. The house also boasts a beautiful garden brimming with vegetation where during the hottest months of the summer you can enjoy the cool shade of the climbing plants and trees. On the first and second floors are the bedrooms and rooms that for decades in the past were inhabited by the Can Det family.

The oil press

Nowadays, the oil press, restored and adapted to run on electricity in 1942, continues operating with the same machinery that was installed by Guillermo Deyà Ozonas, grandfather of the current owners. It is the only oil press in the Balearic Islands that works using the traditional system: a mill with three tapered stones that roll over a stone base measuring 2.5 metres in diameter. At Can Det, they continue to use the soft wicker baskets and traditional hydraulic presses in order to preserve the practices that bear so much historical and family significance.

Oil production in the mill usually starts mid-October and continues until the end of January. This three-month period is when the olive harvest takes place in the valley. Can Det, as well as producing oil from its estate, provides a service to small producers in the Serra de Tramuntana who bring in their own olives and take home the resulting oil for personal consumption.