Visiting Can Det will permit you to immerse yourself in the tradition and history of a family that is committed to its principles and activities that date back to the 16th century.

Open visit

A stroll through the pretty streets of Sóller will lead you to Can Det where you can visit, on your own and without an appointment, the shop.

Guided tour

Another option that will enable you to discover more about oil production is by booking a place on a guided tour with a tasting included. The owners will welcome you into the family home to share with you details about the activity that has been carried out in Sóller for centuries and will explain first-hand how this oil, this liquid gold, is produced in the traditional way.

On any tours between 15th October and 15th January you will be able to see the actual oil production taking place. Tours throughout the entire year will consist of visiting the historical house, the garden and the oil mill and also a tasting in the family dining room. Typical Majorcan bread, Can Det olives, “ramallet” tomatoes and freshly-squeezed orange juice will be the highlight of this small taster included in the guided tour.

A visit to Can Det will reveal a true, authentic example of the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) that led UNESCO to declare the Serra de Tramuntana a World Heritage Site in 2011. The mountain range that surrounds the Sóller valley and runs along the island from Pollença to Andratx is of immense value, thanks to the relationship forged between man and nature with the transformation of the natural environment to harness the natural resources in the most intelligent way possible with the best means and knowledge available during each historical period. The terraces with the drystone walls where the olive and citrus trees are grown with the ancient water channels shape this cultural landscape.


Small business meetings can also be held at Can Det. The stately home is a welcoming, pleasant and comfortable space, offering all the technology and facilities necessary to hold business meetings for up to 12 persons.